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Mini Dragons



Our dynamic Mini Dragons beginner karate classes uses high-energy, entertaining non-contact karate drills and games as tools to foster the important skills of eye contact, first-time listening, following directions, respect and self-control.

Master Method Karate Building Good Citizens
These vital skills are cultivated in our Mini Dragons karate classes as a valuable extension of parents’ and pre-school expectations of children. Parents love the positive environment we provide as a support system and reinforcement of their values … and the kids just love the FUN! Positivity qualities practiced and reinforced in the Mini Dragons karate classes include gratitude, good manners, and positive thoughts and actions.




Our premiere children karate and success program at Master Method Karate is divided into two sub-groups (Ages 6-8, and 9-12).  We separate these age groups so that students learn in the environment best suited for their age and skill level.  Our Children Karate program carefully paves our students’ paths to earning Black Belts, while they are actually having a great time in dynamic, fun and exciting karate classes.

Master Method Karate classes Develops Strength of BODY and MIND.
At Master Method Karate part of the journey includes learning and fine-tuning physical development such as agility, flexibility, strength, balance, hand-eye coordination and self-defense techniques. More importantly, however, our program focuses on developing and nurturing the inner strength and qualities necessary for our students to achieve success throughout life such as: building self-confidence, while remaining humble, maintaining positivity to overcome challenges,  using gratitude to shift a negative mindset, creating good relationships with parents, siblings and friends, and developing a winning attitude.

Martial arts Learning Through Positive Reinforcement
Students in our Children Karate classes learn the importance of perseverance, putting in the effort and never giving up. They celebrate in their short-term achievements, while being encouraged and guided by our Master Method Karate instructors with patience and positivity to achieving their long-term goals.

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